Iron head
SCI- 06
  431 S.S. iron head
black TICN- plated
one big fake dimond
and 6 fake ruby at blade
SCI- 07
  Magnesium face iron head
black TICN plated
metal name plate
#3- P, G, S, L "

TFI - 21
T. M. style HT iron
Easy to lauch and draw
High trajectory
Great distance
SCI - 08

2 PCS Iron head
high elastic steel
powerful head
cushion face
SCI - 10
Low gravitiy center
#3- SW with customer's brand name plate

SCI - 11
SCI - 12

SCI - 13
SCI - 14

SCI - 14
SCI - 15

SCI - 45
Stainless steel undercut iron, 2 piece structure , cushion function, can make balls go straigh and stable.
SCI - 22
Stainless steel iron, Undercut, Cushion function

SCI - 23
SCI - 25
S.S. iron #3- sw
Largest sweet zone

SCI - 26
Floating weight design
#3#4#5 ahead gravity center
#6#7#8 middle low gravity
#9#p#s back gravity center
Double side chipper
Loft angle 20 d
Lie angle 68 d
weight 300 g

similar Cobra 3400 I
cross deep center of gravity
high MOI ( moment inertia )
Iron Head
King Iron , Stainless steel made , surface by steel ball high speed spray, never paint peel- off

Junior set
stainless steel head
1 w + 3i + pt
with or w/o stand bag
SCI - 28
Nike Slingshot type
hollow iron #3- sw

SCI - 29
T.M. C.G.B type
High launch
Maximum forgiveness
badge at cavity bottom
Tour Model Iron
Undercut cavity
with or without
2 brass screws
balance weight

Be-Copper wedge
#3-7cavity iron

Fat Hollow Iron
Power hollow head
Big sole low gravity
#3- sw are avaliable
copper insert
8-sw blade iron

SPX  Revelation Iron set
high value S.S. head
assembled graphite shaft
G2 iron

SCI - 30
SCI - 35

SCI - 36
SCI - 37

SCI - 38
SCI - 39


powerful by hardness HRC 50
good sound and far distance
copper insert ,low gravity center
#3- sw with graphite shaft
¡@USD 115.0/ set only


Aluminum - Bronze alloy
nature golden color head
as powerful as titanium face
as soft as forged iron


100% Be- copper made
nature golden color
as powerful as maraging
as soft as forged iron


52d, 56d, 60d, 64d are avaliable stainless steel body copper insert Lob Wedge for spin

SCI- 41



Undercut cavity
Similar Calla type
Metal plate


SCI- 42

stainless steel made
undercut, spring face
metal badge with your logo

SCI- 43

Cleveland style
big sole plate
2 pcs iron #3- sw
badge to be your logo

SCI- 44
SCI- 46


SCI- 48
SCI- 49


SCI- 55
SCI- 56


SCI- 58

X- 18 iron with 2 weights
M10 x 1.0 pitch, 5g x 2 pcs
Metal name plate designed

SCI- 59
Stainless steel made
similar T.M. R360
SCI- 60
SCI- 61
SCI- 62

Stainless steel made
Similar Calla ...

SCI- 63
Nike new bridge tumble face
No paint peel- off problem
2 pcs structure welding head
spring function
G5 iron
Ping G5 style
Put your brand at oval plate
Your model at triangle plate
best Custom Tuning Port ( CTP )
SCI- 64
2 pcs hollow iron #3- sw
sand spray face
mirrow bottom sole


SCI- 65
Undercut iron with 4 weight screws
SCI- 66
Stainless steel made
2 pcs S.S. screw weights
3 dimensions soft metal plate


SCI- 67
SCI- 68
Undercut S.S. iron
With metal badge
S.S weight screws x 4 pcs
SCI- 69
Cleveland style
stainless steel iron
SCI- 70
Cleveland style
stainless steel iron
SCI- 71
SCI- 72
Talor Made style
Undercut S.S. iron
SCI- 73
SCI- 74
Undercut S.S iron
with metal name plate
SCI- 75
Cobra FP style iron
Stainless steel made
Metal name plate
SCI- 76
T.M. r7 DRAW style
S.S. iron with screw weight
SCI- 77
T. M.r7 DRAW type
S.S. made undercut iron
with metal name plate
SCI- 78
Stainless steel iron with metal name plate
SCI- 79
SCI- 80
SCI- 81
#3-SW through cut hybrid
431 stainless steel made
2 pcs welded S.S iron
very low gravity center
low loft #3/ 20d, #4/ 23d
SCI- 84
S.S hollow iron
#3- SW
flat bottom
SCI- 85
Cleveland CG gold
Mirrow finish iron
SCI- 86
2 pcs welded S.S. head
Deep undercut cavity
big sole, low gravity center
Hollow & blade iron
Stainless steel made
Hollow iron #3- 9
Blade wedge P, A, SW
SCI- 87
SCI- 88
SCI- 89
SCI- 90
SCI- 91
SCI- 92
SCI- 93
Junior and lady iron
SCI- 94
SCI- 95
SCI- 96
SCI- 97
SCI- 98